Baseline Barista Training

Want to learn the foundation of coffee, and become barista?

At Urban Brew we value the skills that one acquire when doing a barista course with us.

We believe that the right theory and practical skills will lay the foundations on which one can build. This course will benefit those who want to improve their morning brew at home, pour silky smooth milk or want to accelerate their professional coffee career.

Small private groups, for in-depth training.

Training groups are kept small for individual attention with each student. Training dates depend on availability.

The 3 courses offered in our baseline barista training:

Barista making milk art

Baseline Barista

This course will enable you to; pull proper espresso’s, steam silky smooth milk, pour latte art as well as learn how to effectively clean and maintain your equipment.
Brewing coffee in a Chemex

Baseline Brewing

With the growing demand in manually brewed coffee at home and the growing demand for filter style coffee around the world, it is valuable to acquire the necessary skills to improve your brewing ability.

In this course we focus on some of the brewing essentials like; grind size, brewing ratios, water qualities at home, brew time.

We cover a variety of brewing devices, from gravity drippers to full immersion and the various techniques in brewing each of them.

Barista smelling coffee

Baseline Sensory

To know what your tasting seems like a never ending task, and so it is. To understand what it is to look for when we assess coffee is ever so helpful.

This skill will set you up to effectively taste coffee and start you off on your path to call out flavour notes, regardless of where you enjoy your coffee.

Recent Training Session

Stevo with newly trained baristas

Meet your trainer

Stevo Kuhn loves coffee almost as much as teaching. With his degree in education and his immense passion for people he is a very relatable individual in the training set up, communicating in ways that appeal to many learning styles.

His love for coffee, people and teaching is the reason why he is such an exceptional barista and trainer.

Stevo is also a competitive barista. He is the 2019 Central Region Barista Champion and at the 2020 South African Barista competition he placed 2nd. Taking hold of the best espresso and best technical awards.

He has worked with both national and international brands, helping them train their baristas to make the most of their environment and to optimize their skills. This has lead to many opportunities across South Africa and other parts of the world.

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