“Winston Thomas (Winston Douglas Coffee) returned to competition this year after taking a year break, and he came back into a very fierce fight for the title, which in the end he managed to clinch from Stevo Kuhn (Urban Brew Coffee) by the narrowest of margins.

As the winner’s hand was lifted, relief flooded through the Champ and tears welled up in the eyes – it’s an emotional time for the young man, after having gone Independent as well as with his wedding date being a little over two weeks away.

John Evans (TriBeCa Coffee) came 3rd with a presentation that could easily have won him the title, as did Neil Gouws (Origin Coffee) who came 4th and continues to grow and mature into a formidable competitive barista.

In 5th Place was Samantha Naidoo, the only female in the Top 6 who was outstanding all week and just looked like she was having such a blast on stage and finally, the veteran, Bruce Manning who has competed for 10 years in this format and been in the Nationals Top 6 multiple times. 

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