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Want to become a professional barista?

Receive an internationally accredited certificate when passing our SCA Barista Course.

We will teach you how to become a world-class barista that can work or compete anywhere in the world

Professional Training ( SCA )UB Baseline Training
Urban Brew Online Course

Stevo shares more info about his NEW Online Baseline Barista Course.

New ONLINE Course
for beginner baristas!

This online course you will learn the foundations of becoming a barista.

You will learn how to: Pull proper espresso’s, steam silky smooth milk, pour latte art as well as learn how to effectively clean and maintain your equipment.

Urban Brew Coffee

At Urban Brew Coffee we offer training for those who are looking to learn some basic barista skills or for that someone who wants to be a world-class barista. We provide SCA Barista Programs which means, if you pass you will be an International Accredited Barista.

UB Baseline
Barista Training

We offer non-accredited theoretical & practical courses for the avid home barista or the barista entering the workforce.

Our UB barista courses are focused on laying the foundations upon which you can build a career as a barista.

Professional Barista Training
(SCA Certified)

For those who are interested in digging deeper down the rabbit hole we offer a range of internationally accredited courses part of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Coffee Skills Programme (CSP). Earn points toward your coffee Diploma through the Barista Skills courses taught by our Authorized Specialty Trainer (AST).


coffee consulting

Are you a business that needs help with your coffee? Whether you are coffee roaster or cafe, no matter the size, we can help you improve your overall quality.  We do a full assessment and help you achieve your goals.

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